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Does some of these questions characterize your use case?

  • Will your wireless technology be deployed as Access or Backhaul?

  • What are the devices types and how many to connect?

  • Coverage requirement?

  • What is the expected throughput capacity for the attached devices?

  • Are the devices powered or batteries?

  • Are the connected devices fixed or on-the-move?


Our experts can help rollout your Wi-Fi, making it easier for customers to focus on what matters to them. Customers rely on us to deploy their wireless solution.  Simplifying wireless with cloud-based wireless architecture to offer world-class experience.



We understand every environment is unique but understanding your environment is critical to the success of the deployment. These questions will help us to scope the appropriate solution that fit best for your environment.


As there are a lot of vendors out there, we look for the easiest possible solution to deploy, manage and maintain and provide end-to-end security posture.



Why customers are choosing Cloud Orbit to deploy cloud-managed wireless solution is low cost and brings real value


Cloud-managed wireless offers many capabilities:


Simple browser-based dashboard management

Cloud-hosted centralized management platform



Unlimited throughput, no bottlenets

Add devices or sites in minutes



Highly available cloud with multiple data centres



Fully encrypted traffic

No user traffic passes through cloud.



On the other hand, In an environment where the network is constantly changing, you need to be flexible enough to adapt to meet the changing demands. if you have Cisco’s Catalyst Wireless platform, we can also help streamline giving customers the tools they need to be more proactive.


Speak to our experts about your needs today.

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