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Cloud Orbit our mission is simple. We are here to help. We offer complete, comprehensive network infrastructure solutions that accelerate business efficiency and security. We deliver technology solutions to small businesses saving cost and fostering growth.  Our knowledgeable and experienced experts operate all over the world to support small medium size businesses with all aspects of their network.

Technologies are constantly evolving and offer business greater capabilities and functionality than ever before. But, that means keeping up-to-date with new developments and ensuring you always have the best network security measures. 

Working with Cloud Orbit means driving business continuity, agility, planning and solutions. 




Do you need to align your technical network implementations with your business goals?


We can help with in-depth support through analysis and consultations. Take advantage of our technical expertise and guidance at different stages of your development cycle based on your unique needs and timing.

Get the right networking solutions to drive your business forward.


Cloud Orbit is your trusted partner, we can provide

Connectivity, Mobility and Security. 




Network security and protection to your business is mission critical. Whether you protecting a single site or an enterprise network, you need security solutions that are simple to use but sophisticated enough to mitigate modern cyberthreats.

Don’t lose sight of your data, assets and resources.

You can’t protect what you can’t see. New cyberthreats emerge every day. Understanding exactly what risks you face, and getting help protecting your business is vital.


Cloud Orbit offer cybersecurity solutions to help protect you from the edge to the cloud.






Data consumption by wireless is growing exponentially day-by-day. Wireless network enables these new experiences, consuming the network 24/7.


Organizations with limited IT resources, yet with an enterprise’s needs – scalable, security and reliability – often struggle to deliver a robust wireless experience. We will help bring simplicity and effectiveness to your wireless networks.




Cloudorbit provides skilled field engineers and technicians to organisations across the UK, supporting them with their maintenance programmes or providing immediate support in emergency and fast response situations. 


Our consultants have an extensive network of field service engineers nationally that are responsible for installations, commissioning/decommissioning, fixing and troubleshooting network issues .



CloudOrbit provides remote consulting services for network engineers, consultants, technicians, and business stakeholders. We can help with network designs, configuration, to troubleshooting assistance with our certified and experienced consultants.

We will focus on your IT needs, evaluate the current state of your network, provide recommendations, and make any necessary changes to optimize your network.


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